No matter what comfort means to you, you deserve an HVAC system that meets your needs without breaking the bank. But many homeowners feel discouraged after dealing with the high prices and aggressive sales tactics of the big companies. When you’re ready for a reminder of what top customer service looks like, call Parker County Cooling & Heating.

We strive to maintain an effective team of diverse talent including service technicians, installers and support staff. The more comprehensive our understanding of heating and cooling technology is, the more often we can be the perfect solution to your comfort problem. It’s a much less stressful process when something breaks down if you know a trusted professional is just a phone call away. Our reputation for customer satisfaction is so strong that we’ve been named one of the best companies for HVAC services in Parker County.

So what are your comfort needs? Dealing with a stubborn AC problem? Interested in new heating installation? There’s an expert at Parker County Cooling & Heating who can help.


Honest, Knowledgeable and Dedicated to Total Satisfaction

With new innovations in design and dozens of HVAC companies to choose from, knowing who to trust is overwhelming. Others may claim they offer the fair, enthusiastic service you’re looking for, but how can you know for sure?

Parker County Cooling & Heating goes above and beyond through values like:

  1. Proven History of Customer Satisfaction: Peace of mind is a lot easier to reach when you know your technician has a 99% success rate for HVAC diagnostics. Parker County doesn’t rest until we resolve the core problem and meet your service standards.
  2. Helping You Find Every Way to Save: New HVAC installation is a great investment, but an intimidating price tag shouldn’t restrict access to full comfort. Through seasonal promotions, robust financing and other special offers, Parker County keeps our service as affordable as it is effective.
  3. A Preventive Approach for Long-Lasting Results: HVAC technicians truly dedicated to your satisfaction will know that routine maintenance and proactive support keeps your HVAC system in the best shape for longer. Ask our staff about how a maintenance program optimizes heating and cooling all year long.

Call Parker County for Licensed, Insured Expertise

With experienced technicians and high-efficiency products from top brands like Lennox and Carrier, service with Parker County is always a winning combination. Get in touch with a member of our staff at 817-243-0980 for details about available products and services.

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